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12 Weeks Singing Course

This Course is perfect for people who would like to make a real change in their singing

technique. It is a 3-hour long evening class happening on a weekly basis for 12 weeks in Leeds.

Max group of 10 people. The course is designed for all ages and levels of singing. The main

focus of the course is on a deep understanding of the singing technique, physiology and

anatomy of the voice and how it is linked to the human body. All the theory & vocal exercises.

Covering topics such as:


● Working with support.


● Enabling the singer to sing louder or quieter.

● Reaching high and low notes, (extending range).

● Vocal Modes ( Neutral, Curbing, Overdrive and Edge).


● Sound colour.


● Effects: vibrato, distortion, grunting, growling, screaming, ornamentation, creak & creaking, rattle, air on the voice.

● Interpretation.

● Improvisation.


● Microphone Technique – studio and live.

● All to be achieved in a healthy way.


● The course is always finished with a final performance open to the public.


In the course, we also going to focus on the mindset approach. Working on limiting

beliefs, stage fried and procrastination. I’d be helping all the participants to get into the

right mindset as singers and performers removing all the limitations which hold them

back from achieving a singing career. Covering topics such as:

● Setting up a daily singing practice routine.

● Setting up your goals and true choices.


● Lenses

● Negative Belief flip.

● Anchoring.


● Parts integration.


● Perceptual shift: Three chairs exercise.

● Family Entanglements.

● Meditation.

● Values.


The next course starts on 7th February 2024

Full fee £479. Instalments payment available.

5 Days Vocal Retreat

This is an exclusive residential 5 days course. We are going this time to France, Romney-sur-Marne, near Paris ( Limited spaces.

The Retreat is designed for those who would like to learn and get fast results. It is a very

intensive singing course. A shorter version of the 12-week singing course. Covering the same

topics. The usual day starts at 8 am and finishes at 5 pm with a one-hour lunch break in


We will cover all the singing technique theory and practice as well as work on your mindset.

We will be setting up your true choices and goals. Daily practice routine which gets you into

singing and performing. Moreover, it will be a very relaxing time for you to get away from

everyday life and work on your voice. It's like a holiday with education.


Next Retreat: June 2024

Full fee £1350. Instalments payment available.


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Kinga Kreffta-Michalska

A Singer/Songwriter, a CVT Vocal Coach and Certified Life Coach. Has over 20 years of experience in teaching and performing and recently was rewarded for her work with a Yorkshire Prestige Award for Best Vocal Coach 2022/23. She helps all levels and ages of singers to find their true voice and sound by combining CVT vocal technique with the mindset approach to reach their full potential.

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