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✨ Are you looking to make a real change in your vocal technique?
✨ Is your big dream to perform but you've been feeling stuck and not really moving forward or creating sufficient results?
✨ Are you struggling to hit those high loud notes without straining. 
✨ Do you think singing might be only for special talented people and you don't believe you are able to do it?




Hi Everyone! My name is Kinga. I'm Leeds based singer - songwriter and singing teacher. I have got many years of experience in both teaching singing as well as stage performance.
I offer individual lessons to singers who are interested in a range of musical genres including: Pop, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Rock, Blues and Jazz. Basing my methods on the Complete Vocal Technique, my main aim is to help each singer achieve his or her personal goals in the most concrete and efficient way whilst creating a fun and safe environment. It is just important to me that the singer feels comfortable enough to feel free in experimenting with new tools and sounds that help achieve their individual aims not only long term but during each session. I also find it extremely important to provide students with the tools they need to practice alone efficiently. This is extremely important for personal singing development and continued motivation.


From practicing The Complete Vocal Technique, I am able to work with a variety of singers in a variety of environments: from my own set up, recording studios, at rehearsals for bands, duos, soloists for example or intensely for a specific period before a tour or show.

I feel it is my job to ensure that the singer feels comfortable enough to freely uninhibitedly experiment with new tools.


Vocal Lessons Could Include:

Working with support

Enabling the singer to singing louder or quieter

Reaching high and low notes, (extending range)

Sound colour

Effects: vibrato, distortion, grunting, growling, screaming, ornamentation, creak & creaking, rattle, air on the voice



Microphone Technique – studio and live

Gig, show, recital, exam preparation

All to be achieved in a healthy way

Lesson Costs:

45 min lessons cost £35 and 1hr lessons cost £40. I also offer lessons for £30 for 30 minutes.

For one day group workshops and for Creative, interpretation, and improvisation workshops, these are priced at £150.

12 week Vocal MasterMind Course

3 hour long evening class  happening on a weekly basis for 12 weeks. Max group of 10 people. 

Price for a full course - £349

For more information on availability, have any other general queries or would like to book please use the contact form.


This lesson is specially designed for young children to experience some of the techniques at a young age, when their voices are still developing. Everything is done in a fun and engaging atmosphere, to make sure they enjoy the experience, experimenting with the tools and sounds so they start to get to know their voice and develop their musicality.



“I’ve been singing with kinga for a while now and She’s fantastic very patient and drives you into being the best you can possible be. I have come on leaps and bounds from quite a nervous singer to going into the studio to record which I never thought would be possible.
If your a beginner or a professional I wouldn’t hesitate in using her. “


“Kinga is so lovely and patient, I’ve been having lessons for half a year now, she understands and explains different techniques very detailed, I think her lessons will be great for all level of singers!!😊”


”I have been working with Kinga since July 2019 and I have seen an amazing improvement in my confidence and ability. Kinga is patient and a very intuitive teacher. I would recommend Kinga to anyone looking to improve their singing ability and perfect their technique.”


"Kinga is my first singing teacher, before her I was terrible, not much skill or confidence in my ability. After a few weeks I have improved very quickly and my whole perspective on how to sing has changed. She is a fantastic teacher and knew exactly how to help me overcome my personal obstacles. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who was just starting to learn and even to those who are already great at singing but want to push themselves even further.


The staff absolutely loved it and Kinga was fantastic! Staff have been singing all day around school. It really lifed our spirits!

Emily Cullum, Interim Assistant Principal, East SILC John Jamieson School and Technology College.

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4 Peel Square, Leeds, LS5 3AL


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Refund Policy

I am confident that you will be happy with the service that I provide, however, if you are not happy for any reason, please contact and I will be happy to refund.

Cancellation Policy

You have a right to rearrange or cancel your lessonswhen you have already booked. However, I would ask for at least 48 hours notice before cancelling. This is due to me being able to reorganise other lessons. If I am given between 24 hours and 48 hours notice, then I will charge 50% of the total lesson price. If any cancellation is made under the 24 hours, then this will occur a charge of the full 100% payment of the singing lesson.

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